Where Can I Get Support During My Pregnancy?

Finding out you are pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy can feel very scary and overwhelming. You can also feel alone and isolated, unsure about whom to talk to or where to go to find help and answers.

The good news is that you are not alone, and there are a multitude of resources and programs to help you navigate an unplanned pregnancy.

Getting the Help and Answers You Need

In today’s modern America, women facing an unplanned pregnancy can not only get support, but can be empowered to continue their life, education, or career thanks to a large network of organizations—from government programs to nonprofits to women’s medical clinics.

Some of these programs and resources include:

  • Government Assistance: this can range from programs to pay for medical care to programs that assist in providing proper nutrition and basic necessities for your pregnancy.
  • Women’s Pregnancy Care Clinics: Many of these clinics have specific resources dedicated to women facing an unplanned pregnancy and can provide things like pregnancy testing and ultrasound scans free of charge.
  • Nonprofits: Many nonprofits are dedicated to empowering pregnant women to succeed and have programs that can assist you in everything from resources for your pregnancy to parenting classes to career-building skills. More than that, they provide a strong support network of other women committed to seeing you succeed.
  • Schools: Many schools understand the changing needs of their students and have specific resources to allow pregnant women or young moms the ability to continue their education and career goals.

Getting Started

As you can see, the good news is that there is an abundance of resources and support  available if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, but it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s where the staff at A Friend for You can help. Our team is composed of women who know what it’s like to face an unplanned pregnancy, and they know all the resources and programs available to you. 

Not only can we direct you to the organizations and programs best suited for your specific journey, we can also be a listening ear as you decide what the best decision is for your health and future.

You’re not alone—contact us today to start getting the answers and help you need.