Resources can only go so far. What you really need and deserve is a friend. Our team of volunteers is ready to extend a hand of friendship and to be a confidential sounding board for all of the questions or emotions you might experience in the coming months.

>> extend a hand of friendship during this exciting but difficult stage.

There are a variety of resources to help support you. Our extensive network in the community positions us to connect you to help with your most practical needs for your physical and mental health.

>> provide you with access to resources in your local community.

If you’ve recently discovered you are pregnant, it’s only natural to have questions — especially if this is your first or if you don’t have a support network to call. We are here for you as you consider your next steps and to ensure you have the information, resources and support you deserve. How can we help?

>> help you navigate your pregnancy journey.

We exist to:

Pregnancy Support in Fort Collins

Welcome to A Friend for You

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We’re Here to Support You — Not Pressure You

Trust that our only goal is to support YOU and YOUR decisions as it relates to this pregnancy — not to overstep.


This is a Judgement-Free Zone

We aren’t here to judge you or your circumstances. We exist to empower and support ALL women as selflessly as possible.

Your trust is foundational to our ability to support you. Everything we do or say while taking part in A Friend for You is guaranteed to be held in strictest confidence.

Confidentiality is a Top Priority


Our Promises to You

Who doesn’t need a little extra encouragement sometimes? You will receive a few special gifts throughout your pregnancy and to celebrate certain holidays. It’s just another way we show our support and gratitude for becoming our client here at A Friend for You.

Enjoy the Occasional Gift!

Your volunteer is ready to connect you with organizations who provide material and professional services in your local community.

Gain Access to Local Resources

Remember, the nature of this relationship is on your terms. You’re welcome to meet her at a favorite coffee shop, fast food restaurant, a local park — wherever you feel most comfortable. The method and how often you’d like to connect is entirely up to you.

Decide How You'd Like to Connect

Within 24 hours of contacting us, we will connect you with a trained volunteer who will provide you with ongoing 1-on-1 support. You’ll receive a short bio of your volunteer before you meet. From there, YOU define the relationship according to your needs. 

Get Matched With a Volunteer

The first step is simply to give us a call or send us a text message. This will allow you to share how we can best support you while sharing as little or as much or your story as you feel comfortable.

Give Us a Call

How Does It Work?

We Love Our Clients

"Thank you for being my breath of fresh air, my hope in the dark...I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am to have found this program...

"I love this program!!! Everyone is so friendly and so supportive!!!! I have been in this program for over a month now, it's a wonderful feeling that you know there is a friend there for you and they can provide lots of information when you need it. Highly recommend this program to everyone! 

"I was interested and curious about what A Friend For You was all about, and I wanted to be brave and call. My social worker and nurse talked about how good the program is."

"I didn't get as depressed during pregnancy, and my friend helped ground me, encourage me, and support me in a way others did not."

"Honestly, I'm just so grateful for all the help you've been to my family."

Your Questions Answered

What if I haven't decided about my pregnancy?

What if I don't like the person I'm matched with?

I'm not sure what connection with a volunteer looks like for support. Tell me more.

What are the program requirements? 

I'm curious. How much time does it take to learn more? 

We want you to know that when you text or call, there is no requirement to join. If you decide not to participate in A Friend for You, that’s fine! 

The call will likely last between 10-15 minutes. During this time, we will answer all of your questions, and can even complete your intake forms if you’d like. If you’re not interested, we can still point you to community resources.

What if I haven't decided about my pregnancy?

What if I don't like the person I'm matched with?

I'm not sure what connection with a volunteer looks like for support. Tell me more.

What are the program requirements? 

I'm curious. How much time does it take to learn more? 

Sometimes it’s a bit of risk to meet someone new….we understand. Once you are paired with a volunteer, you will receive a bio and a picture even before you meet. Our volunteers have a heart for those who are pregnant and just want to help in whatever way you’re comfortable. It typically looks like going to coffee, meeting at a park or going to a resource together. She will also help you find resources.

Gabriella was referred to A Friend for You by Birthline in August of 2019. She was matched with Kay, a Volunteer Friend, within 16 hours. Gabriella delivered Stephanie November 29, 2019.

Meet Gabriella & Kay

Yaricza was referred to A Friend for You by Family Medicine in Fort Collins. She was matched with Volunteer Friend, Dasha within one hour of calling A Friend for You. Her son was born in June 2021.

Meet Yaricza & Dasha

Vania was referred to A Friend for You by The Matthews House in Fort Collins. Vania was paired with Marty in January of 2020, and they have been friends through two pregnancies.

Meet Vania & Marty

Confidentiality is our top priority. That said, many of our clients have come forward in order to share their stories so that more women can gain access to the resources and support they deserve. Click below to meet some of our previous clients!

Client  Stories

The next step is entirely on your terms. We are excited to serve and help you. Complete this short form to request additional information about our program, or click below to call or text a volunteer.

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