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Yaricza and Dasha Talk About Their Friendship

Yaricza‘s Story

Q. How did you hear about A Friend for You?

A. I heard about A Friend for You through Family Medicine, the nurse and social worker connected me to this resource because I asked them if they knew of any support groups or someone I could talk to.

Q. What about A Friend for You sounded interesting that you wanted to join?

A. I was having a hard time emotionally due to no in person support groups and feeling like I had no good friends to talk to. I wanted to meet someone through here that actually cared about me. I was looking for a friend and resources and support because I felt isolated and alone during my pregnancy since it was during COVID. I was interested and curious in what A Friend for You was all about and I wanted to be brave and call. My social worker and a nurse talked about how good the program is.

Q. Who was your Volunteer Friend, and how did your relationship with your friend develop?

A. My volunteer friend is Dasha. I called A Friend for You and spoke with a lady that connected me to Dasha. Dasha actually called me the next day and was so excited to meet me, she sounded super friendly over the phone and that made me braver to meet her. I get shy or have social anxiety but I felt like I could trust her. Dasha told me all about herself and she was so interested to learn about me too, so we got to know each other right away. I felt comfortable opening up the first day we met at a park. She listened to me and gave me a lot of advice and she cared, I felt valued. Dasha even invited me to her church and suggested our kids meet. She also texts me often to check on me how I am doing and she is nonjudgmental. Our kids met and they got along right away and they could play in the park for hours! Dasha talks about new places to go to in the future because she wants to be my friend for a long time. She is kind and a sweet person, I need more good people like her in my life that I can count on.

Q. Did Dasha connect you with any other resources/opportunities in the community?

A. She talked about sports we can put our kids in together. She mentioned her church as a community support that I could join too. She was able to get me cooked meals to my home when I had my newborn son and that helped me so much!

Q. What kinds of things have you and Dasha done together?

A. We went to the park together in Fort Collins and in Windsor area. We went to the centerra area and walked around. Dasha came to my home to see my baby and she said I could visit her too someday. We are talking about going to places like the zoo too when my son is a bit bigger (so its safer to go due to COVID and when I heal from c section). We still have many other places to go together!

Q. This has been an interesting time being pregnant. How has having Dasha during this time helped you?

A. I joined towards my end of pregnancy, I wish I joined sooner. I felt like I was stuck at home and I felt lonely and isolated. I didn’t know anyone pregnant or going through the same things as me. Ive always felt judged since I had my first son very young so with this pregnancy I wanted to make sure I had a support system so that I can be a better mother this time. However, this time COVID made it a bit harder too. It helped having Dasha to talk to because she’s understanding. At the time, there were no other in person groups to join and no mom support groups either. I felt like I was going to fail as a mother with now COVID as my barrier (before it was young single mother)…I was overwhelmed and stressed and overthinking. Even now I worry that my baby can catch COVID. I asked Dasha about vaccinations and her thoughts on if I should be vaccinated. I asked her about labor and how her labor experience was because I was so nervous for a c section again. I liked how Dasha could see me in person, I felt like I needed to go out even if its just the park. I also dont have a lot of friends because I just moved to Loveland so having Dasha was great so that I could feel like I had at least one person that cared about me. We have the same values and we both have two sons now, so it was good to connect with someone who I can relate to. Her boys are close to my first sons age. My husband works a lot so I didn’t want to become an antisocial person or have depression or post partum depression, so I reached out to her. I feel like having Dasha helped me not get post partum depression (through my pregnancy I was remembering my abusive ex relationship with my first sons dad and I was overthinking that this one could be like that too but its actually been going well). I am stronger now and it has helped me that I opened up to Dasha about that a bit.

Q. What did you think about the gifts A Friend for You sent during your pregnancy (the gifts that were mailed to you)?

A. These were amazing, they made my day! I felt important and valued and like someone remembered me! I don’t get things in the mail so it was a total surprise especially when it was random, it was exciting seeing who it was from and what the gifts were. And the gifts were very thoughtful and something that I hadn’t received before. I liked that someone thought of the cute self-care things, and water bottle that tracks pregnancy, and morning sickness candy, and tea. I definitely used all of those and it helped me feel better. It made me more excited for my baby and motivated that I should be more happy rather than nervous or worried about my c section/labor. It reminded me to do some self-care.

Q. What did you think about the post-pregnancy meals and gift package?

A. These were so delicious and I even asked for the recipes! These helped me so much when I couldn’t get out of bed to make meals due to healing from c section. I was so sleepy and had many emotions and was trying to get a routine down, and I also have my son home with me because its summer time so no school (that kept me really busy at home too)…so the meals were super helpful with saving me time! We all shared a meal at the end of the day and we were able to talk about how the day was so this was a great moment as a family with good food. It a nice smart idea thanks so much! I am also not a good cook so this made me curious to look into recipes like these.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to share? (this can be about A Friend for You or Dasha?

A. I am glad a program like this exists because sometimes us women feel alone and we need someone who cares to listen to what we are going through. I heard that if we have at least one person in our lives that cares, that person can make a difference. Especially during Covid, with higher rates of depression and suicide, it’s important that every person has a positive support or someone who can check on them or give resources. At the time, i couldn’t find anything in person to join and telehealth wasn’t working for me, so having her in person to talk to helped me so much. I learned how to ask for help and be braver about my social anxiety.

Q. Would you recommend someone who is pregnant to get connected with A Friend for You?

A. yes for sure! Great for prevention and for having a friend and a resource and support! She is there for me even if I were to text or call at night, she answers my questions I have about my baby and pregnancy. I can share my story and count on her.

“I am glad a program like this exists because sometimes us women feel alone and we need someone who cares to listen to what we are going through. I heard that if we have at least one person in our lives that cares, that person can make a difference.”

Dasha’s Story

Q. How long have you been involved with A Friend for You?

A. I have joined in November 2020.

Q. What about the A Friend for You drew you to get involved?

A. When I first read about A Friend for You in a community magazine, I knew it’s something I wanted to do right away. I believe that children are a blessing from God, that their lives matter, but as a mom myself I also know that it can be hard to go through pregnancy and to raise children, it can feel very lonely, sometimes overwhelming and even depressing. So I wanted to join this organization to be a friend and have a friend so we can support each other through this season of life.

Q. How many women have you “friended?”

A. I just have one friend, Yaricza.

Q. What things have you and Yaricza done together?

A. We have gone on playground dates and walked in the park. I also visited her once when her baby son was born. We also message each other and plan to do more fun activities together with kids this coming year.

Q. What would you like to share about Yaricza?

A. First I want to say that I feel very blessed to have her as my friend. I feel like we connected right away from our fist conversation over the phone. She has the sweetest personality! We easily opened up to each other and we both just wanted to be friends and I think that’s the best part. Yaricza has a lot on her shoulders between work, family, her son’s recreational activities, but she still finds time to invest in the friendship. And through all these things that I can see her kind heart.

Q. What kind of growth have you seen in Yaricza?

A. Yaricza loves her children and her family, I can see that she wants the best for them. She is very courageous, I have seen it when her birth plan didn’t go the way she wanted, she didn’t complain about it, she just had the courage to do what doctors were advising her to do and she wanted the best for her baby. She is also very caring and thoughtful, I can see that when she speaks to her children, the way she takes care of her puppy, and when she just talks to me and my kids, and I really like that about her. I am looking forward to get to know her more and grow together.

Q. What do you specifically enjoy about being a Volunteer Friend?

A. I feel very thankful for the opportunity to connect to other women, specifically Yaricza. If it wasn’t for A Friend for You we probably wouldn’t have never met. I like all the support the organization provides to us as volunteers and our pregnant friends. I also like that they are generous with gifts that I could take to Yaricza to brighten her day.

Q. What would you say to someone who is interested in volunteering with A Friend for You?

A. I would say you should do it and don’t even think about it because it will be a blessing to you.

Q. Do you believe that A Friend for You is a worthwhile organization? If so, why?

A. Definitely, there is nothing more important than having relationships with people. God didn’t create us to be alone. We need each other to go through life, and I feel like women especially crave that connection as we can relate to each other.

Client Story

Gabriella and Kay Talk About Their Friendship

Q. When did you participate in A Friend for You?

A. I participated in A Friend for You on August 21st, 2019. 

Q. Why did you feel the need to reach out to A Friend for You?

A. I felt the need to reach out to A Friend for You because I was new to the area and needed a friend to help me with my depression.

Q. Who is your Volunteer Friend, and how did your relationship with Kay develop?

A. My friend is Kay, we started out texting each other and then went out to lunch and on walks in the parks/trails around town. 

Q. Did Kay connect you with any other resources/opportunities in the community?

A. Yes, she did! She connected me to the food bank and Birthline in Loveland where I met and made more friends.

Q. What kinds of things have you and Kay done in spending time together?

A. We have gone out to lunch and walks in the park and some shopping.

Q. How often would you get together?

A. We try to meet together every week.

Q. Anything else you would like to share about your Friend, Kay?

A. Kay has welcomed me with open arms and has never passed judgement on me. She has helped me through my depression and my pregnancy. She has given me tons of advice and guidance on so many things.

Q. What did you think about the Care for You delivery?

A. The meals and care package are an awesome idea! The meals were so delicious! The care package helped me out with feeling of getting back to normal.

Q. How did calling A Friend for You benefit you?

A. Calling A Friend for You was the best thing I had ever done. It has helped me so much with my depression and trust issues. And has helped me make new friends!

Q. Would you recommend A Friend for You to another woman, and if so, what would you tell her?

A. Yes, I would and have! I would tell her that A Friend for You helps you find the resources you need for you and the baby but also you are gaining a friend that you can talk to through the process. Also, through A Friend for You I have gained more than a friend but family in the process!

“Kay has welcomed me with open arms and has never passed judgement on me. She has helped me through my depression and my pregnancy.”

Kay’s Story

Q. How long have you been involved with A Friend for You?

A. I have been a part of A Friend for You for about a year now. 

Q. What about A Friend for You drew you to get involved?

A: The opportunity to help women when they need support and encouragement from a trusted friend.

Q. Describe your experience as a Volunteer Friend. What things did you and Gabby do together?

A. Things have gone well for Gabby and I from the start. We have tried to see each other several times a month and we visit over coffee or take a walk when the weather allows. 

Q. What kind of growth have you seen in yourself since becoming a Volunteer Friend?

A. I have tried to focus on giving myself to Gabby without any expectations for our friendship. 

Q. What kind of growth have you seen in Gabby?

A. I have seen Gabby willing to open up to me over time and it has been great to hear that our relationship has helped her with her trust issues.

Q. Do you still keep in touch with Gabby?

A. I want to maintain my friendship with Gabby as long as she wants to have a friendship. I am hopeful it will grow even more meaningful to us both over time. 

Q. Tell me about your most rewarding experience with A Friend for You.

A. It has been very important for me to give myself in friendship to someone even though I have challenges in my own life to deal with. I can be a friend to and help Gabby no matter what is going on in my life. 

Q. What has been the most difficult aspect of being a Volunteer Friend?

A. Time

Q. What would you say to someone who is interested in volunteering with A Friend for You?

A. It is definitely a wonderful thing to be involved with!

Q. Do you believe A Friend for You is a worthwhile organization? If so, why?

A. I believe it is very worthwhile. I believe it is so important for me to allow God to use me in other people’s lives and I’m very thankful that I learned about A Friend for You and have become a part of this ministry. 

Client Story

Meet Vania & Marty

Vania’s Story

Q. How did you hear about A Friend 4U?

A. I heard about A Friend 4U through Matthews House during my first pregnancy in January 2020.

Q. What about A Friend 4U sounded interesting that you wanted to join?

A. It was the support. I don’t have any family or relatives nearby so going through pregnancy by myself sounded really hard so I was looking for that type of support. It was good to have somebody that can check in on me and that I can call.

Q. You have been friends with Marty through both of your pregnancies! What would you like to share about her?

A. She is great person! Every time she sends me a text or a call, it’s good to hear from her. Knowing that I was on her mind is special. It was really nice that I could call her, when I was going through hard times. She was really neutral when I would share things. I’m thankful and grateful that I got into the program because she helped me feel better and it is a great support. She was able to go to appointments with me and it felt like that I wasn’t alone since my family lives far away. I moved out of state temporarily and she stayed in touch during the time I was away with texts or phone calls. When I moved back into town, we now see each other now in person.

When I needed something specific and special, she took the time to help me. For my second baby’s shower, I asked her to make a baby basket out of a watermelon. Even though she had never made one, she did. Oh my, I was so touched! Since I’m breastfeeding, I asked her if I could bring some Mother’s Milk tea. She found it and also made me some lactation cookies.

Q. Did Marty connect you with any other resources/opportunities in the community?

A. She recommended a pregnancy resource fair that I got a lot of things for my first child and am using for my second child. She also went with me to pregnancy classes at UC Health.

Q. This has been an interesting time being pregnant during COVID. How has having Marty during this time helped you?

A. It’s been really good since we stay in touch and she always checks in on me. It feels so good to know that you’re not alone.

Q. What did you think about the post-pregnancy meals and gift package?

A. It was so nice! The creams were so good. It was so sweet to get everything.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to share?

A. I’m grateful that you [A Friend 4U] are in the community, especially for those who are away from family like me.

Q. Would you recommend someone who is pregnant to reach out to A Friend 4U?

A: Yes. It’s nice to have to have someone to count on. Especially during pregnancy you need all the help you can get. It’s a big transition in your life. 

When I needed something specific and special, she took the time to help me. For my second baby’s shower, I asked her to make a baby basket out of a watermelon. Even though she had never made one, she did. Oh my, I was so touched!

Marty’s Story

Q. How long have you been involved with A Friend 4U?

A. A little over 4 years.

Q. What about the A Friend 4U drew you to get involved?

A. I think pregnancy can be a special time in one’s life.  For people who have an unplanned pregnancy that can be a very scary and difficult time.  I wanted to do whatever I could do to help these women during this time in whatever way they may need help.  I feel privileged being let into their life. 

Q. How many women have you “friended?”

A. I have friended several who have moved away but have 3 friends that I am in contact with including my first Friend from 2017.  

Q. What things have you and Vania done together?

A. Her husband was gone for her first birthing class, so I went with her for that and I had only met her once before that night. We also meet for lunch, went to some of her Dr’s appointments and held her newborn babies. Last week I was able to meet her mom who surprised her coming from Mexico for a visit. 

Q. What would you like to share about Vania?

A. She is a sweet, lovely woman who is a great mom.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and look forward to a continued relationship with her. 

Q. What kind of growth have you seen in Vania?

A. She was very scared at her first birth – both to give birth and to be a mom.  She is a great mom and very comfortable in that role now. 

Q. What do you specifically enjoy about being a Volunteer Friend?

A. Just getting to know each friend and listening to them and helping in any way I can. 

Q. Any last thoughts you would like to share about A Friend 4U?

A. 1 Peter 4:10 says ” each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace…”   God has allowed me to serve and love these women through A Friend 4U and I hope they will see God’s love thru me.  A Friend 4U is a great support for these wonderful women.  


Practical Ways to Be a Friend & Help Someone Who Is Pregnant

It’s common to want great friends. Friends who care about you, spend time making sure you’re doing well, and who genuinely want you to succeed. Friendship is a wonderful thing, and we all strive to have great ones. However, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to practically show you care when someone you value is facing challenges.

Here are practical ways to help you show someone who pregnant some unconditional love and support. We want to help you be that resource they reach out to when they are in need, and that friend they KNOW they can count on:

  • Take a friend for a cup of coffee. Small acts of kindness go a very long way. Extend the offer to take a friend out to her favorite coffee shop and buy her favorite drink. It’s a small little gesture, affordable and won’t break the bank, and the friend will really appreciate the time and effort you’re pouring into the friendship.  It also gives her an opportunity for her to share her feelings, fears and emotions she’s going through while pregnant.
    • Think about this: How would you feel if you had a rough day and your friend texted you, asking the two of you meet up for coffee the next day, coffee on her? If it were us, we know it would be a great blessing – a great joy – and absolutely provide the light needed at the end of a long day. Friends help friends be better people!
  • Babysit older children so she can take a nap. Small acts, we will keep repeating it. Even the smallest of offers like going to your exhausted friend’s house for a couple hours to keep the older kids busy while she naps will make her day.
    • Maybe even those chores that everyone despises and dreads doing? The laundry, the dishwasher, offering to grab some milk at the grocery store on your way over to her house… the list goes on. See if there are any chores like that you can just do without asking for a pregnant friend in need.
  • Remember her on holidays and her birthday – she may have no one in her life to say she is valued and loved. Small things… sound familiar? Just make a note on your planner or work calendar to reach out to her on these important days. Even if you didn’t wake up knowing it was her special day, she doesn’t need to know that. To her, she needs to know she is remembered, valued, and thought of.

No matter the situation, whether you or a friend are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, looking for support during pregnancy, or in general resources during your pregnancy – our community is here for you! These practical suggestions may seem so simple, but they’ll add up to those around you and make all of the difference for someone who is pregnant to feel seen, heard, valued and understood.


Second Trimester To-Do List

Welcome! You’ve made it to the second trimester! This means less morning sickness and more fun! Most women say they feel their best in the second trimester. So, what should you do with your newfound energy? We’ll tell you!

#1 — Shop!
You read that right! Your baby bump is starting to show, and you’ll need to find some comfortable (and cute) maternity clothes. Shopping online can be an easy way to find affordable maternity clothing.  Remember, shopping doesn’t have to cost a penny. Do you have a friend who has recently had a baby?  Borrowing clothes can be an easy way to fill up your wardrobe.  AFriend4U is just a phone call away and can suggest some sources for gently used maternity clothes!

# 2 — Stick to or set up an exercise regimen
Getting regular pregnancy exercise is a great way to keep you strong for labor and help you maintain a healthy pregnancy. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, as well as include safe stretches.

# 3 — Keep a journal
It is sometimes helpful to write down all your thoughts and feelings. Pregnancy can sometimes feel like it will last forever. However, after your baby is born, it often feels like it flew by. Keeping a journal can help your mental health and keep memories that you can look back on.

# 4 — Find a birth class
Birthing classes fill up fast, so you should start your search now. Depending on the type of birthing class you choose, some last a day while others last for weeks. It’s good to know what to expect now before running out of time. You can check your local hospital and community center for these as well.

# 5 — Start looking for childcare
Childcare is expensive. It can take a while to get your child into a good daycare or find a nanny.  So, starting a pros and cons list of daycare centers, nanny care, home daycare, and relative care is essential. If you live in an area where daycare centers are in high demand, make time to go for tours and put your name on waiting, even if you aren’t sure what you’ll do. It’s better to have too many options than none at all.

# 6 — Get caught up on your dental needs
Sounds strange, right? No one likes going to the dentist, but getting caught up on your dental needs is important to do now. Once the baby comes, it will be harder to get to the dentist. In addition to this, delaying your cleaning and cavity fillings can lead to infection, which won’t be healthy for you or your baby. Nevertheless, going to the dentist is safe for pregnant women, so go ahead and make the appointment.

# 7 — Moisturize your belly
Your body and belly are going through a lot of changes. Putting creams and oils will help reduce the itchiness. Check out the best list of oils and creams for pregnant bellies!

# 8 — Sleep on your side
Many caregivers advise sleeping on your side instead of your back. Getting extra pillows to place between your legs, under your hip, or behind your back helps make it more comfortable. Researching the best sleeping positions might be helpful too.

# 9 — Start doing Kegels
Kegel exercises can help prevent urine leaks during and after pregnancy, keep hemorrhoids away, and improve the muscle tone of your vagina.

#10 — Plan your maternity leave
Make sure to talk with your human resources department or your supervisor now. Learn what benefits you may be eligible for, and make sure to fill out all the necessary paperwork now.

# 11 — Avoid high-risk activities
As your belly grows, you will notice it affects your balance, and your ligaments are also being stretched, making it easier for you to get hurt. Avoid activities that have a risk of falling, or that may cause trauma to your abdomen.

# 12 — Work on your home improvement to-do list.
Often when a pregnant woman is getting closer to labor, she goes through something called “nesting.” This is when you prepare the home for your baby. In addition to setting up the nursery, you may want to organize your closets, declutter, and take inventory of what you’d like to fix around the house. If you can’t ask your partner or he’s not that handy, a family member or friend may be able to help you. Remember, you don’t want to expose yourself to chemicals, move heavy furniture, or climb ladders. Additionally, you’ll want to childproof your living space as well.

# 13 — If you have older children, prepare them for the baby’s arrival
A new baby brings a lot of changes into a home. It’s important to tell and retell your older child what to expect and how to care for their new sibling.  Starting these conversations now will help them prepare for your newest family member. In addition to this, make sure you have a babysitter on call when you go into labor.

With each trimester, the days seem long, but the trimesters seem short. So, try to enjoy this trimester while you prepare for the next one. You’re getting closer, and remember A Friend4U is here to offer support to you at any stage. You can call or text us at 970-704-5236. Or you can reach out to us through our contact form.

We look forward to serving you!


You’re almost there! Third Trimester To-Do List

If you’ve been pregnant for 28 weeks, you’ve just entered your third trimester! Welcome!

Many women start nesting and preparing for their newborns when they enter their third trimester. But what should you do to prepare for the upcoming weeks? We are glad you asked. Here is your third-trimester to-do list:

Weeks 28-32:

1. Monitor your baby’s kicks. 

After 28 weeks, your baby will have a rhythm for their kicks. Counting kicks is essential because when you monitor your baby’s movement, you can notify your OB if something changes. If something changes, it could be a sign of problems in the pregnancy.

2. Baby proof your house

There is a lot in your home that you may not even be aware of that is unsafe for a baby. Check this article out to help you baby-proof your home.

3. Create a birth plan with your OB.

“Plan for what it is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.” — Sun Tzu.  Thinking about your concerns and desires well before getting to the hospital can help you have a better birthing experience.

4. Get more comfortable clothes. 

When your body aches and you’re not sleeping well, having comfortable clothes can help. As Hayley Hasselhoff says, “Find what makes you feel comfortable. The confidence you wear your clothes in is what’s really going to shine.”  And it doesn’t have to break the bank!  There are many local resources that offer gently used clothing if you need more comfortable clothes.

5. If you haven’t already taken a child-birthing class, we highly recommend you do that.
Additionally, a breastfeeding class can be helpful too if you are choosing to feed your baby that way. Click here for online courses.

6. Start meal planning for when you get out of the hospital.
You can cook ahead and freeze your meals, or you can get some microwaveable meals.

Weeks 32-36

1. Go over your items and check to see if there are still baby items you’ll need. We have contact information for local resources that offer gently used baby items.  Your Volunteer Friend can get you that information.

2. Create a first aid kit with the following items:
A baby thermometer, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, and petroleum jelly. You can always call us for advice for any of these to-dos! We know this is a lot of information.

3. Make sure you have a safe place for the baby to sleep.
If you do not have a nursery or a crib; a bassinet is a good option.

4. Pack your hospital bag

Pack clothes for 3-5 days if you are going to have a C-section. Just imagine you’re going on a trip. What would you take? What would you want with you? For example, do you apply a lot of lip balm, then bring your lip balm. Do you curl or straighten your hair? Bring what products you use. Additionally, bring a sweater (it can get cold in the hospital). Bring nonperishable snacks. If you plan to nurse, make sure you have nursing bras and nursing pads. Normally the hospital takes great care of you – anything you forget, they should be able to assist you with.

5. Make sure to already have your car seat safely out into your car.

You can click here to find a child safety certified technician to help you secure your baby’s car seat.

6. Ask your OB about the routine newborn screening tests at the hospital.
Make sure to discuss any additional tests you’d like to run. In conjunction with your visit, make sure you have your Group B strep test (week 35-37) done.

Pregnancy Checklist for Weeks 36 Through Delivery

1. Wash baby’s clothes with newborn laundry detergent

2. Go to your doctor’s visits. Doctor visits will be weekly until delivery.

Recap: Just remember, you know what’s best for your baby! You’re capable and strong enough to be a mom. The most important thing is to have a safe place for your baby to sleep, play, and be fed.  Make sure you’re taking care of yourself as well. You need to be healthy for your baby. You’ve got this!

We are here to help you in any way we can. If you’re challenged to find anything on this checklist, just contact us and we’ll be happy to point you to some affordable and free resources. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, contact us by calling or texting: 970-355-3502, or email us at:

What to Expect

What You Can Expect From A Friend for You

True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost. ~ Charles Caleb Colton

There’s a lot about pregnancy that is overwhelming. Maybe you’re wondering why certain things are happening to your body. Perhaps you want to know what’s normal and when you should be concerned about something. We understand because we’ve been there. At A Friend 4U, we offer confidentiality, support, resources, gifts, and friendship, regardless of your pregnancy path.

What to Expect from our Confidentiality

When you are pregnant, sometimes you just need someone with who you can share your feelings, concerns, and troubles. Maybe you don’t want to share everything you’re thinking and feeling with your friends or family. At A Friend 4U, you will be able to connect with a caring person who will listen to you and offer helpful suggestions and resources.

What to Expect from our Support

Being pregnant is not easy — especially when the morning sickness begins. Additionally, most of our clients reach out because they have little to no family and friend support. When you reach out to A Friend 4U, we will connect you with a trustworthy, trained woman matched only to you. Your friend will be a sounding board for you as well as a support system through your pregnancy.

How the support works:

You will receive an introduction email that includes her photo, contact info, and short bio even before meeting her. Then you will both decide a good time and location to meet. To give you some examples, some of our clients and their support have met in coffee shops, restaurants, parks or go to doctor appointments together. It is entirely up to you to determine how close the friendship will be. Many of our client/support relationships continue beyond the pregnancy.

What to Expect from our Resource Connections

Depending on your needs, sometimes professional resources are needed or wanted. Whether it’s medical help, a professional counselor, or physical resources, your assigned support person can also help you find resources. In addition, A Friend 4U has partnerships with many local nonprofits, government programs, and organizations that will be able to help you.

What to Expect from our Gifts & Practical Care

Who doesn’t like gifts? We offer occasional gifts during your pregnancy. After pregnancy, we provide meals and a Care 4U gift package to help and encourage you. Everyone needs a bit of encouragement.

What’s your next step?

If you have any questions, or you want to get connected to a friend to help you through your pregnancy, contact us at 970-481-4787!