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Ally was referred by Christ Community Church in Greeley.  She called A Friend for You in August, 2023 and was matched with Dasha within 24 hours of her call and their friendship continues to today. 

Ally and Dasha

Learning you’re pregnant can leave you feeling scared and worried, and finding out your partner is not supportive can feel even more overwhelming. The good news is you are not alone. The information below can help guide your conversations with your partner and direct you to the help and support you need. Responding to Your […]

I'm Pregnant, but My Partner Doesn't Want to Help. What Can I Do?

One of the biggest questions you may have when you find out you are pregnant is what impact it will have on your body.

Well-known changes will happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy, but remember that every woman’s body is different, and the changes and symptoms you experience can vary.

How Will My Body Change During Pregnancy?

Finding out you are pregnant while still in high school can feel overwhelming and scary. You may be wondering if abortion is your only option, or if it’s possible to finish school while pregnant, and what a pregnancy means for your future.

What Do I Need to Know if I'm Pregnant in High School?

Gathering information and resources may be the last thing on your mind when you’ve just discovered you’re pregnant. The good news is that we’re here to help you get some ideas on where to start.

Read on to learn more about the types of pregnancy resources and support available in your community.

How Do I Find Pregnancy Resources in My Community?

There’s no short list of to-dos if you find yourself pregnant in unplanned circumstances. You may be wondering: What makes our program different?

Our program exists to serve our clients with a combination of practical services and 1-on-1 relationships in a compassionate, pressure-free environment.

Aren’t You Just Another Program? What to Expect When Enrolling

It can feel lonely and isolating as you are unsure who is safe to talk to about your pregnancy. Especially in the beginning, you may find it difficult to relay your feelings to your loved ones.

That’s why we established A Friend for You…

What Does It Mean To Be 'A Friend'?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be scary, overwhelming, and make you feel alone.

These feelings of fear and loneliness may be because your partner left when they discovered your pregnancy or because you worry they will leave when they find out.

Without Support, How Do I Raise a Child?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you likely feel scared and confused. It can be overwhelming trying to understand what options are available and what choice is best. Your decision will impact your future and your health, but there are steps you can take that can help you make the best choice. Read on […]

How Do I Decide What To Do About My Unplanned Pregnancy?

Updates about A Friend for You and resources to help you navigate stages of your pregnancy.

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