10 Things to Do in Your First Trimester

Whether this pregnancy was planned or is unplanned, there are certain things you should know. When you first find out you’re pregnant, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.   Know that A Friend for You is here to offer friendship, support during your pregnancy, practical help, community resources, and even some gifts to encourage you along the way.  If you need assistance, keep reading for more information on how A Friend 4 You can support you!

Tips to Navigate Your First Trimester:

1. Investigate health insurance.

You’ll need to know what your health insurance plan covers regarding prenatal care, delivery costs, and care for your baby. By calling your health insurance company and asking for the benefits department, you’ll be able to know your coverage.  If you don’t have insurance, you may qualify for Medicaid to help with anticipated expenses

2. Find an OBGYN or Mid-wife.

If you have an insurance provider, you can check out their preferred providers.

3. Schedule a prenatal appointment.

Your first prenatal appointment usually occurs in the second month, between six and eight weeks of pregnancy. Some healthcare providers won’t see you until you’re at least eight weeks pregnant. However, you’ll want to get on their calendar well before eight weeks. 

Before your appointment, make a note of the first day of your last period. This will help your provider. Also, write down any questions you might have for your provider.

4. Take your prenatal vitamin.

If you haven’t started taking a prenatal vitamin yet, now’s the time to start. It’s a good idea to get enough folic acid while trying to conceive and during your first trimester. This will help your baby grow healthy and strong.

5. Consult your provider about medications you’re taking.

There are several drugs – even some over-the-counter ones – that aren’t safe during pregnancy. However, talk with your provider before you stop taking your medications. In addition, you should ask your provider what medications, supplements, and vitamins are safe to take.

6. Be aware of certain activities which could be harmful.

Some activities, jobs, and hobbies can be dangerous to you and your developing baby. For example, certain cleaning products, pesticides, solvents, and lead in drinking water from old pipes should be avoided.

If you’re routinely exposed to chemicals, heavy metals (like lead or mercury), certain biologic agents, or radiation – which are common at some research and medical jobs – you’ll need to make changes as quickly as possible.

7. Stock your kitchen with healthy stuff.

Stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer with pregnancy-friendly foods. In addition to this, you should cut out cigarettes, cigars, alcohol and limit your caffeine to less than 200 mg per day (that’s about one 11-ounce cup of coffee).

8. Get relief from morning sickness.

Unfortunately, “morning sickness” isn’t limited to mornings. Nearly 75% of pregnant women experience morning sickness during the first trimester. For mild cases, try eating small, frequent meals and snacks and sticking to bland, room-temperature foods. Ginger and acupressure bands have also worked for some women. If these things don’t help, talk with your provider about taking vitamin B6 or an anti-nausea medication.

9. Get enough sleep

With early pregnancy, exhaustion is more prominent than you think. So getting more rest by turning in early – even if it makes you feel like a grandma— will help tremendously.

10. Treat yourself! 

Remember being pregnant is challenging. Find something to do to treat yourself. Perhaps it’s watching an episode of your favorite show, or going to your favorite store, taking a walk around your local park for some fresh air.  It doesn’t have to cost much or anything, just something that fills you.  A lot of change happens to your body during pregnancy, so you need to give yourself some grace.  

Know that A Friend for You can help with anything on this list.  For support, resources, and connection during this challenging season, why not reach out to us?  Contact us! We are happy to help in any way we can!