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Meet Rhoman Johnson

Rhoman Johnson A Friend for You

Favorite coffee drink?

Iced coffee is my go-to coffee drink in any season! I’m most satisfied with an iced caramel coffee with cold foam!

 What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given was the encouragement to follow Jesus by my grandparents. Their unconditional love has been a true testimony to me all my life, and without their roots and commitment to me I surely wouldn’t be who I am. Another strong piece of advice I’ve been given was from my aunt who told me..”Make sure you marry someone funny, because looks fade and it’s better to be laughing for the rest of your life..”.

If you could instantly become and expert in something, what would it be and why?

I would love to be able to understand math and technology at a higher level! It’s never been my best subject, and I always joke that my brother who’s an engineer, got all the quality smart genes and I was stuck with the leftovers. We are of course gifted in different ways, but most times I wish my calculator wasn’t my most-used app on my phone!

  About me: 

I am currently a full-time Nursing student in Northern Colorado. I spend a lot of time reading, studying, and caring for my beloved pets. I have always planned on using my degree in the Mission field and have recently experienced a new interest in pediatrics/OB/NICU! I look forward to using my career to serve others in need and make connections with people. Becoming a part of the team at A Friend For You will give me the opportunity to explore these interests and will allow me to learn more about how to make a difference. 

Why are you passionate about a friend for You?

I am passionate about A Friend For You because of the strong focus this organization has on making purposeful connections with women and aiding them through their experiences with pregnancy. I look forward to giving my heart to serving those who are pregnant with a team that prioritizes love and finding ways to provide resources to those who we can reach. 

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