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Jessica and Kathryn Talk About Their Friendship

Jessica and Kathryn
Jessica was referred by Birthline of Loveland in April, 2022 and was matched with Kathryn within two hours of her call.

Jessica’s Story

Q. How did you hear about A Friend for You?

A. I was referred by Birthline in Loveland.

Q. What sounded most interesting about our services that led you to join?

A. I was really interested in having the opportunity to connect with someone in a meaningful, personal way without all the formalities and structures of most programs or groups.

Q. Who was your matched Friend, and how did your relationship with your Friend grow?  What would you like to share about her?   

A. My friend is Kathryn, and she has been such a great friend not just to me but to my whole family. I am not much of a people person and I was really nervous at first going to meet someone new but she has been such a great friend. I feel like we have really been able to connect and we even share a lot of the same interests! I am so grateful to have met her.

Q. Did Kathryn connect you with any other resources/opportunities in the community and was that helpful?

A. Absolutely! She was able to help me with a lot of great resources and she was always willing to look around for anything we needed and really was such an incredible advocate for us and even brought us fresh veggies at a time when we were struggling with food.

Q. What kinds of things have you and Kathryn done together?

A. We have gone to the parks, farmers market, coffee shop, and such. It’s so nice to have another adult to sit and have a conversation with.

Q. How has having Kathryn during this time helped you?  Do you plan on staying friends with her?

A. Oh, she has helped in so many ways I can’t even begin to describe. I may be a pain to get a hold of sometimes but she has always been so kind and so helpful and so great to talk to. I absolutely plan to stay friends with her!

Q. What did you think about the gifts A Friend for You mailed to you during your pregnancy?

A. The gifts were nice little pick me ups! It’s always fun to receive unexpected goodies in the mail.

Q. What did you think about the post-pregnancy meals and gift package?

A. Oh, the meals were so nice to have! I always forget how HUNGRY you get when freshly postpartum.

Q. Why are you sharing your experience? 

A. I’m sharing because I believe that what A Friend for You is doing is such a great thing and needed by so many. I was hesitant at first to contact them because I’m not much of a social butterfly or anything but having a friend like Kathryn especially in a year that has turned out to be so hard on my family has been such a huge blessing.

Q. What do you want to say to someone who is pregnant and feeling like she could use some extra support?

A. Absolutely give A Friend for You a call. Or have someone else dial the number and hand you the phone if you need the extra nudge.

“ I was really interested in having the opportunity to connect with someone in a meaningful, personal way without all the formalities and structures of most programs or groups.”


Kathryn’s Story (Jessica’s matched Friend)

Q. How long have you been involved with A Friend for You?

A. I’ve been volunteering at A Friend for You for approximately one year.

Q. What drew you to get involved with A Friend for You?

A. I like people, babies, and kids. God says to show His love for others and I enjoy helping others. 

Q. What things have you and Jessica done together? 

A. We have met primarily at parks. She has other children and they enjoy being outside and so do I. We’ve also met a few other times at coffee shops, farmers’ markets and shopping. I’ve also been at her home a few times.  

Q. Have you connected Jessica to any community resources? 

A. Yes, with the help of A Friend for You’s resource list, churches, House of Neighborly Service, and Birthline, I was able to suggest she contact them for help. I was also able to help her find some furniture which she needed that was leftover at an estate sale.   

Q. What would you like to share about Jessica?

A. Jessica is a very good mom! She is educated about healthy living and eating. She loves books and I am a teacher/librarian so we have this in common. We enjoy sharing book ideas in healthy living, parenting, belief about God, and other areas.  What a good matched friendship!

Q. What do you most enjoy about being friends with Jessica?

A. Jessica is a researcher and reader about health, parenting, and living a purposeful life. She has taught me about eating healthy, essential oils, and parenting.  Her calm demeanor, love for her children, and learning about God have been helpful to remind me to be patient, positive, and keep searching in the chaos! 

Q. What do you specifically enjoy about being a Volunteer? 

A. I like to help where there is a need and willingness to receive. I like learning about areas in the community that are offering services. I am impressed with the variety of services and material help offered in the Loveland/Fort Collins area.  The people offering the services genuinely care for others. 

I also enjoy meeting new people in different areas where I don’t usually participate.  Volunteering offers an opportunity to meet people in different areas of my community.  A Friend for You leaders are helpful in guiding me in volunteering in areas that I have not had previous experiences. 

Q. Is there anything else you want to add?  

A. I have enjoyed the leadership and friends I have met and worked with in A Friend for You. I like how all the local organizations work together to assist and find resources for those looking for help during pregnancy.

“What a good matched friendship [with Jessica]!”


Are you pregnant or know someone who is that could use some extra support and encouragement?  
Just contact A Friend for You to learn more.

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