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Kristina and Debbie Talk About Their Friendship

Kristina was referred to A Friend for You during a maternity resource fair hosted by House of Neighborly Services in Loveland. She was originally matched with our Volunteer Friend, Jessica. When Jessica moved out of state another Volunteer, Debbie gladly stepped in and became Kristian’s Friend. Kristina delivered a healthy boy in September 2020.

Katrina’s Story

Q. How did you hear about A Friend for You?

A. I heard about A Friend for You at a local maternity resource fair.

Q. What about A Friend for You sounded interesting that you wanted to join?

A. All of it! Having someone there for you the entire pregnancy and after was one of the best reasons personally because I feel like when you’re pregnant, you’re more alone than ever cause you’re going through such a crazy process.

Q. Who was your Volunteer Friend, and how did your relationship with your friend develop? What would you like to share about her?

A. My first friend Jessica, our friendship developed over Starbucks meetups and I loved our morning conversations! We have a lot in common and I really look up to her as a role model! I also suffer with a few mental health issues and I really loved her advice and positive outlook and that helped me get through this stressful pregnancy.

Q. Since Jessica moved out of state during your pregnancy, you were immediately matched with Debbie. How did this transition of a new friendship go?

A. It went great! Jessica talked to me about the whole situation first and asked me how I felt switching to Debbie. We planned meeting up all together a few times before Jessica left and I really loved that transition.

Q. Did Debbie or Jessica connect you with any other resources/opportunities in the community?

A. Yes both of them have helped me with quite a few resources around my town that really helped prepare me for this baby, with COVID going on though some resources that I needed before weren’t a need anymore. Will hopefully be a need again as time goes on though!

Q. What kinds of things do you and Debbie do together and how often do you meet?

A. We have been meeting at the park or my patio! Or talking over the phone! She is the sweetest and always brings me a drink or a little goodie and I just love every time we connect!

Q. What would you like to share about Debbie?

A. She is such a wonderful woman! She has so much wisdom and passion about things she knows about and loves! I love talking to her, I could talk to her for hours. She is such a great friend! We get along great and she is so caring for me and my boys!

Q. This has been an interesting time being pregnant during COVID. How has having a friend during this time helped you?

A. This year has been the worst but having a friend has been the BEST decision. Being stuck in the house all alone with no one to meet up or talk to has been awful but having Jessica and Debbie there for me always has been such a blessing.

Q. Would you recommend A Friend for You to another woman, and if so, what would you tell her?

A. YES! 100% YES! Being pregnant and being pregnant during COVID-19 is such a stressful time and you shouldn’t go through it alone!

Q. Is there anything else you would like to share?

A. A Friend for You is a great program/resource they give so much support! Lorraine [A Friend for You Executive Director] is amazing too and has even sent my other two boys’ gifts they can enjoy! Everyone cares about you and I love that!

“Having someone there for you the entire pregnancy and after was one of the best reasons personally because I feel like when you’re pregnant, you’re more alone than ever cause you’re going through such a crazy process.”

Debbie’s Story

Q. How long have you been involved with A Friend for You?

A. I have been involved in different capacities for about 8 years.

Q. What about the A Friend for You drew you to get involved?

A. I was looking for a nonprofit outlet for my desire to help women and children.

“Being a friend is the most enjoyable part of my volunteer work because of the opportunity to help in a very special time in a woman’s life.“

Q. How many women have you “friended?”

A. I did not actually start out as a volunteer friend due to my home/work commitments but after I retired, I wanted to become more involved with direct contact with the women we were serving. My relationship with Kristina is my third client I have personally been involved with. My primary volunteering opportunity is to help with all the matched relationships as a kind of liaison between our volunteers and our clients. It involves some tracking of information and help with community resources.

Q. What things have you and Kristina done together?

A. Kristina and I were matched after COVID started so it might look a little different than I would like. We would meet at local parks mostly so that her 2 boys could play while we talked and got to know each other. We would take the boys to the splash park, baseball camps, and playgrounds.

Q. What would you like to share about Kristina?

A. I’m so impressed with her as a loving, kind mother of her two and now three boys. She is very resourceful and is a good friend to me and the others in her life.

Q. What kind of growth have you seen in Kristina?

A. We are all a work in progress and COVID has certainly challenged us all, but I have noticed Kristina tries to keep a positive attitude and has a good grasp on what is most important. She has gone through an unexpected pregnancy during a very tough time in our world history. She has actively taken on homeschooling her two boys at the end of a high-risk pregnancy with its health issues.

Q. Do you still keep in touch with Kristina?

A. Yes, I hope so…. she has just had her third baby and has her hands full, but we all need friends.

Q. You help A Friend for You in many ways in addition to being a Volunteer Friend to a pregnant woman. What do you specifically enjoy about being a Friend?

A. Being a friend is the most enjoyable part of my volunteer work because of the opportunity to help in a very special time in a woman’s life.

Q. Please share about your most rewarding experience with A Friend for You.

A. Seeing the connection of two women and how they inspire and make positive changes.

Q. What would you say to someone who is interested in volunteering with A Friend for You?

A. If you value friendship and new life and have a little margin within your schedule it is a worthwhile volunteer opportunity that will enrich your own life.

Q. Do you believe that A Friend for You is a worthwhile organization? If so, why?

A. Absolutely…. we need each other!!

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