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Second Trimester To-Do List

Most women say they feel their best in the second trimester. So, what should you do with your newfound energy? We’ll tell you!
second-trimester to-do list

Welcome! You’ve made it to the second trimester! This means less morning sickness and more fun! Most women say they feel their best in the second trimester. So, what should you do with your newfound energy? We’ll tell you!

#1 — Shop!
You read that right! Your baby bump is starting to show, and you’ll need to find some comfortable (and cute) maternity clothes. Shopping online can be an easy way to find affordable maternity clothing.  Remember, shopping doesn’t have to cost a penny. Do you have a friend who has recently had a baby?  Borrowing clothes can be an easy way to fill up your wardrobe.  AFriend4U is just a phone call away and can suggest some sources for gently used maternity clothes!

# 2 — Stick to or set up an exercise regimen
Getting regular pregnancy exercise is a great way to keep you strong for labor and help you maintain a healthy pregnancy. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, as well as include safe stretches.

# 3 — Keep a journal
It is sometimes helpful to write down all your thoughts and feelings. Pregnancy can sometimes feel like it will last forever. However, after your baby is born, it often feels like it flew by. Keeping a journal can help your mental health and keep memories that you can look back on.

# 4 — Find a birth class
Birthing classes fill up fast, so you should start your search now. Depending on the type of birthing class you choose, some last a day while others last for weeks. It’s good to know what to expect now before running out of time. You can check your local hospital and community center for these as well.

# 5 — Start looking for childcare
Childcare is expensive. It can take a while to get your child into a good daycare or find a nanny.  So, starting a pros and cons list of daycare centers, nanny care, home daycare, and relative care is essential. If you live in an area where daycare centers are in high demand, make time to go for tours and put your name on waiting, even if you aren’t sure what you’ll do. It’s better to have too many options than none at all.

# 6 — Get caught up on your dental needs
Sounds strange, right? No one likes going to the dentist, but getting caught up on your dental needs is important to do now. Once the baby comes, it will be harder to get to the dentist. In addition to this, delaying your cleaning and cavity fillings can lead to infection, which won’t be healthy for you or your baby. Nevertheless, going to the dentist is safe for pregnant women, so go ahead and make the appointment.

# 7 — Moisturize your belly
Your body and belly are going through a lot of changes. Putting creams and oils will help reduce the itchiness. Check out the best list of oils and creams for pregnant bellies!

# 8 — Sleep on your side
Many caregivers advise sleeping on your side instead of your back. Getting extra pillows to place between your legs, under your hip, or behind your back helps make it more comfortable. Researching the best sleeping positions might be helpful too.

# 9 — Start doing Kegels
Kegel exercises can help prevent urine leaks during and after pregnancy, keep hemorrhoids away, and improve the muscle tone of your vagina.

#10 — Plan your maternity leave
Make sure to talk with your human resources department or your supervisor now. Learn what benefits you may be eligible for, and make sure to fill out all the necessary paperwork now.

# 11 — Avoid high-risk activities
As your belly grows, you will notice it affects your balance, and your ligaments are also being stretched, making it easier for you to get hurt. Avoid activities that have a risk of falling, or that may cause trauma to your abdomen.

# 12 — Work on your home improvement to-do list.
Often when a pregnant woman is getting closer to labor, she goes through something called “nesting.” This is when you prepare the home for your baby. In addition to setting up the nursery, you may want to organize your closets, declutter, and take inventory of what you’d like to fix around the house. If you can’t ask your partner or he’s not that handy, a family member or friend may be able to help you. Remember, you don’t want to expose yourself to chemicals, move heavy furniture, or climb ladders. Additionally, you’ll want to childproof your living space as well.

# 13 — If you have older children, prepare them for the baby’s arrival
A new baby brings a lot of changes into a home. It’s important to tell and retell your older child what to expect and how to care for their new sibling.  Starting these conversations now will help them prepare for your newest family member. In addition to this, make sure you have a babysitter on call when you go into labor.

With each trimester, the days seem long, but the trimesters seem short. So, try to enjoy this trimester while you prepare for the next one. You’re getting closer, and remember A Friend4U is here to offer support to you at any stage. You can call or text us at 970-704-5236. Or you can reach out to us through our contact form.

We look forward to serving you!

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